Vein Treatment Center

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When it comes to vein problems, you, understandably, want the absolute best. There are many kinds of doctors treating vein problems. At the Vein Institute of New Jersey, we believe only one type of doctor is best qualified to deal with these problems: a vascular surgeon. The Vein Institute of New Jersey is staffed exclusively by vascular surgeons who can employ ANY of the modalities available to treat vein problems: injections, laser or surgery.

There are several treatments used to treat vein disorders. Some facilities specialize in sclerotherapy (injections for spider veins); others in laser treatments; and of course, there are those equipped for surgical removal of veins. The Vein Institute of New Jersey is unique in that it is fully prepared to employ any of these treatments, depending on your needs.

Since much of vein treatment is elective, we feel you would rather spend your time in the most pleasant surroundings with attention to every detail of your care. If you have a vein problem, no matter how large or how small, you can be assured there is no better place for treatment than the Vein Institute of New Jersey.

The results of vein treatment are excellent. All procedures are performed in the office in less than 20 minutes and patients may resume full activity that day. Surgical treatment options are also available in an outpatient setting. Please call our office for more information.

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Leg Treatment Center

Leg Treatment Center

Leg problems are the most common concern we, at The Cardiovascular Care Group, are asked to assess. There are many causes of leg problems and with that, many alternatives to treatment. Common complaints include pain, swelling, discoloration and non-healing wounds on the legs. These can be caused by a myriad of problems such as circulation problems (arteries or veins), joint problems (arthritis), nerve problems or even back problems.

Our expertise will allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the presenting complaint coupled with a review of your past medical history. Once that is completed, we have available a full Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory to allow us to accurately diagnosis the problem without the need for invasive testing or radiation exposure.

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