Patient Testimonials

I cannot say enough good things – and I’ve been to a lot of doctors. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Called me back quickly and worked with me to accommodate my schedule, even a little later than their usual appointments. Lending me a flashlight to find my car keys was even more appreciated! The office is modern, clean and well-maintained. Dr. S was great in answering questions and explaining things in plain English. He provided all the information I needed, even things I didn’t know to ask. He was friendly and gentle. He called me personally the next morning to find out how I was doing and even answers emails promptly!

, Neptune

I have been coming to The Cardiovascular Care Group fro nearly two decades! Initially with my Dad who had terrible PAD and they were able to save his legs for nearly 12 years. I come here now to have my varicose veins removed. They have been as great for me as they were for my Dad! The staff is wonderful—always caring and courteous and the really do care about me!

, Clark

I started with The Cardiovascular Care Group long ago when I wanted my legs to simply look better! Now, I need the to help improve the circulation to my kidneys. The entire group is wonderful as is the staff.

, Westfield

My primary care physician referred me to Dr. P initially. I wanted to go to NYC so I went to the city first. I came to The Cardiovascular Care Group for a second opinion and have never left nor regretted it! My aneurysm was fixed without any problems, I was home in less than 24 hours and the doctors and Physician Assistants are not only skilled but really nice. The office staff went out of their way to make certain everything was perfect BEFORE I went to the hospital!

, Upper Montclair

I had a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack Ed.) and was really scared! I researched all of the Vascular Surgeons in New Jersey and decided on Dr.S. I am so glad I did. When I called for an appointment the person heard how was and made sure I got in immediately. The procedure on my carotid artery (angioplasty and stent) was performed that week by Dr. K. Everything went great and the team was amazing! At a time when medicine is getting more scary, The Cardiovascular Care Group is a very welcome change!

, Bernardsville

My Dad had gangrene of the foot. Our surgeon told us he needed an amputation of the entire leg! I was told to see Dr. K. for a second opinion. He saw us, did some simple ultrasound tests in his office and the following week he was able to fix the circulation problems in Dad’s leg. It is now three years later and Dad is running after my children every Tuesday when I go to work!

, Pennsylvania

I have never had a doctor who was nicer, more “human” or cared about my family and me than Dr. A. I had no idea who I was getting as I came to the ER is really bad shape. He came in, took charge and fixed the circulation problem in my leg. Not only is he a great surgeon but he is very genuine. The BEST!!

, East Orange

I have known Dr. O for so many years as a nurse at the hospital. There is no one else I would let take care of my family. Not only is a great doctor but I know he is honest. I know that when he talks to me about my problems (and my Mom’s), he is giving me his honest opinion and always explains all the options to us.

, Rockaway

My father had a problem with the circulation to his intestine. The doctors were concerned that he might need a major surgery to restore the circulation that he would never be able to undergo because of his bad heart. Dr. L fixed his stomach [intestinal] circulation with a balloon. It took on day in the hospital and my father is now eating and gaining weight, He is very happy with life and so are we! Dr. L was amazing!

, Millburn

My legs were terrible. They would hurt after just two blocks of walking and I could no longer do what I wanted to do. I went to another doctor who told me if I did not fix the circulation, I would develop gangrene and need an amputation. I went to Dr. C at The Cardiovascular Care Group who wanted to take a more conservative approach. He spent time explaining the problem and how I could help myself more than any doctor! I changed many things in my life, saw a nutritionist at The Cardiovascular Care Group and I am happy to say that four years later, I can walk almost one mile without pain and no doctor has put a knife or a needle in me! Thank you, Dr C and The Cardiovascular Care Group.

, Elizabeth
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